EAW Pure Championship
Current champion J.D. Damon
Date won November 14th, 2015
Promotion EAW
Brand(s) Voltage
Date created 2011
Date retired N/A
Formerly EAW Elite Championship
Past design(s) N/A
First champion Jason Cage
Most reigns All champions
Most defenses Unknown
Longest reign Ares Vendetta (~5 months)
Shortest reign Hades the Hellraiser (~1 month)

The EAW Pure Championship, formerly known as the EAW Elite Championship is a professional e-wrestling mid-card championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is currently part of the Voltage brand and is one of the three mid-card championships, complimenting the EAW National Extreme Championship on the Dynasty brand and the EAW Interwire Championship on the Showdown brand. It was first established when Jared Cage created it as it costed millions of dollars to create. It was to be introduced as the only championship in an extreme EAW where standard wrestling rules were enforced where you had to win by pinfall or submission and could be disqualified and counted out. Its history is a testament to those who have the technical skill that stands above others. The Pure Championship has been held by some of the best competitors in the mid-card, eventual world champions, and Hall of Famers.



The Pure Championship, formerly named the Elite Championship, was created by Jared Cage, who spent millions on the creation of the belt, on an episode of Turbo. However, there was a feud boiling between him and his brother, Jason Cage, as they were set to meet in the ring at the third-annual Reasonable Doubt. Under Elite Rules in an extreme EAW, Jason Cage would defeat his brother Jared and he would become the first Pure Champion in EAW History.


The EAW Pure Championship has become a very coveted in the company as many future world champions and Hall of Famers have claimed the championship in their quest for eternal greatness. The second champion, StarrStan, was able to bring much prestige before losing it to Kawajai. StarrStan is the most, if not one, prolific Pure Champion in EAW histories as he is a world champion and Hall of Famer. To this day, there has been no one to hold the championship more than once. Many other world champions like Kawajai, Hades the Hellraiser, Scott Diamond, and Jacob Senn to bring more prestige to the belt in their career.



Current Pure Champion, J.D. Damon.

The EAW Pure Championship was introduced 2011. The inaugural champion was Jason Cage after he defeated his brother, Jared Cage. There have been seventeen (17) different official champions, with all champions having the most reigns at one each. The longest reigning EAW Pure Champion is Ares Vendetta, who held the championship for (5) months (between January 30th, 2015 edition of Voltage and the 2015 EAW Draft Show). The shortest reigning EAW Pure Champion was Hades the Hellraiser, who held the championship for one (1) month (between Defiance and Pain for Pride V). The current champion is J.D. Damon, who is reigning in his first tenure as EAW Pure Champion in his career, as he won the championship when he defeated Aren Mstislav at Shock Value.

Title HistoryEdit


Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
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Name Span of Time
EAW Elite Championship Turbo (2011) - Shock Value (2013)
EAW Pure Championship Voltage (2015) - Present


As of December 18, 2018.

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Extremist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Jason Cage 1 Jared Cage Reasonable Doubt StarrStan First EAW Pure Champion.
2 StarrStan 1 Jason Cage Grand Rampage IV Kawajai
3 Kawajai 1 StarrStan No Regards Apollo Calix
4 Apollo Calix 1 Kawajai Voltage Moonlight Predator
5 Moonlight Predator 1 Apollo Calix King of Extreme Hades the Hellraiser
6 Hades the Hellraiser 1 Moonlight Predator Defiance Pyrite
7 Pyrite 1 Hades the Hellraiser Pain for Pride V Scott Diamond Only Pain for Pride title change.
8 Scott Diamond 1 Pyrite Justified Reckoning Jacob Senn
9 Jacob Senn 1 Scott Diamond Reasonable Doubt Nick Angel Kendra Shamez made the match where if Scott Diamond was disqualified, he would lose the championship. Scott Diamond was disqualified.
10 Nick Angel 1 Jacob Senn Showdown Tomi Venus
11 Tomi Venus 1 Nick Angel and Jon Kelton Midsummer Massacre Devan Dubian
12 Devan Dubian 1 Tomi Venus Showdown GI Styles
13 GI Styles 1 Devan Dubian Shock Value Unified
Unified GI Styles unified the title with the National Elite Championship when he defeated Devan Dubian.
14 Ryan Savage 1 Sephiroth Shock Value II Ares Vendetta Ryan Savage is the first champion to hold the championship under the name "EAW Pure Championship"
15 Ares Vendetta 1 Ryan Savage Voltage Aren Mstislav
16 Aren Mstislav 1 Ares Vendetta 2015 EAW Draft Show J.D. Damon
17 J.D. Damon 1 Aren Mstislav Shock Value N/A Current EAW Pure Champion