EAW Vixens Championship
Current champion Eris LeCava
Date won November 14th, 2015
Promotion EAW
Brand(s) EAW
Date created April 2008
Date retired N/A
Formerly Vixens World Championship
Past design(s)
First champion Jenny
Most reigns Sabina/Heart Break Gal(3)
Most defenses N/A
Longest reign Cleopatra (1 yr.)
Shortest reign HBKF (<1 day)

The EAW Vixens Championship is a professional e-wrestling world championship in Elite Answers Wrestling (EAW). It is an interbranded championship that is able to be compete across the three brands of EAW. It was first established in April 2008 when Extreme Answers Wrestling built a new division of female competitors known as Vixens.

History Edit

Origin Edit

The title was first competed for on an episode of Showdown when two Vixens, Jenny and Cassie, battle for the championship. Jenny would be victorious, claiming the title and accolade for first Vixens Champion. The title was introduced in the company to make sure that the rising women's division of the company could have a prize to reward their talents as much as the elitists.

Prominence Edit

The Vixens Championship debuted as part of the Showdown brand, but still entailed its interbranded competition. The first Free-Per-View where the Vixens Championship was defended was at the first-ever Grand Rampage event, where Cassie was able to claim the championship from Jenny and HBKF, in the triple threat match. The first Pain for Pride where the Vixens Championship was put on the line was the first-ever Pain for Pride event, where Sabina won the vacated Vixens Championship against Jenny, Alexa, and Jaden. The title would continue to rise to prominence, being featured at Pain for Pride many times. Pain for Pride 2 was where Sabina won her third Vixens Championship, the most that any Vixen has won, as she defeated Heart Break Gal. Pain 4 Pride featured a Vixens Championship Scramble Match where Heart Break Gal won her second Vixens Championship against Kendra Shamez, Carrie, Cameron Ella Ava, and Christy Cruise. Pain for Pride V had a Vixens Championship Match as Heart Break Gal would be the first Vixen to defend her championship at Pain for Pride as she defeated Cameron Ella Ava and Cleopatra. Pain for Pride VI held a Vixens Championship Match between two rivals in the division in a legendary match where Cameron Ella Ava ended the long reign of Cleopatra, which would be the last Pain for Pride to feature the championship.


Current Vixens Champion, Eris LeCava.

Reigns Edit

The inaugural champion was Jenny when she was able to defeat Cassie on an episode of Dynasty. There have been fifteen (15) official champions, with Sabina and Heart Break Gal holding three individual reigns. the most of any Vixen. The longest reigning champion was Cleopatra who held the championship almost a year, (between a June episode of Dynasty and Pain for Pride VI). The shortest reigning Vixens Champion was HBKF, who lost the championship on the same night on Showdown. The current EAW Vixens Champion is Eris LeCava, in her first tenure as champion, where she defeated Madison Kaline at Shock Value.

Title History Edit

Key Edit

Reign The reign number for the specific set of wrestlers listed
# Indicates what number the reign is
Event The event promoted by the respective promotion in which the titles were won
N/A The information is not available or is unknown
Used for vacated reigns so as not to count it as an official reign


Name Span of Time
EAW Vixens Championship April 2008 - Present


As of December 18, 2018.

indicates reigns and title changes not recognized by EAW.
# Extremist Reign Defeated Event Lost to Notes
1 Jenny 1 Cassie Showdown Cassie First Vixens Champion.
2 Cassie 1 Jenny and HBKF Grand Rampage Vacated First Free-Per-View match for the title.
3 Sabina 1 Jenny, Alexa, and Jaden Pain for Pride HBKF First Pain for Pride match for the title.
4 HBKF 1 Sabina Showdown Sabina
5 Sabina 2 HBKF Showdown Eve
6 Eve 1 Sabina Reasonable Doubt Heart Break Gal
7 Heart Break Gal 1 Eve Grand Rampage Sabina
8 Sabina 3 Heart Break Gal Pain for Pride 2 Kendra Shamez
9 Kendra Shamez 1 Heart Break Gal, Christy Cruise, Cherise Territorial Invasion SG1
10 SG1 1 Kendra Shamez Reasonable Doubt Christy Cruise
11 Christy Cruise 1 SG1 Dynasty Heart Break Gal
12 Heart Break Gal 2 Kendra Shamez, Carrie, Cameron Ella Ava, and Christy Cruise Pain 4 Pride Kendra Shamez
13 Kendra Shamez 2 Cameron Ella Ava Territorial Invasion Cameron Ella Ava
14 Cameron Ella Ava 1 Kendra Shamez House of Glass Heart Break Gal
15 Heart Break Gal 3 Cameron Ella Ava Defiance Cleopatra
16 Cleopatra 1 Heart Break Gal Dynasty Cameron Ella Ava
17 Cameron Ella Ava 2 Cleopatra Pain for Pride VI Cassandra Lyndivia
18 Cassandra Lyndivia 1 Cameron Ella Ava House of Glass Relinquished This match was a Taipei Deathmatch
19 Lethal 1 Maddie, Desiree Drake, Laura Amber Williams, Kendra Shamez and Chelsea Showdown Supershow: March to the Sea Tarah Nova This match was a Ladder Match.
20 Tarah Nova 1 Lethal Reckless Wiring Madison Kline Lethal's finisher was banned during this match.
21 Madison Kaline 1 Tarah Nova Dynasty Wrestling Eris LeCava
21 Eris LeCava 1 Madison Kaline Shock Value N/A Current Vixens Champion. This was in an Electric Deathmatch.